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Press Releases & News

Press Release 2 - Sept 2023 

International Instrumental Prog Band T.A.P, alongside label MRR, are pleased to announce the release of another download single and video, ‘Terminus’, on Friday, September 8th, 2023 (12pm EST).





T.A.P’s debut 8-track album, ‘Paradigms’, will be available on CD from October 6th -  pre-order from September 18th. ==>


T.A.P: an “instrumental fusion of progressive and ambient sounds with a nice touch of jazz, blues, psychedelic, and ethnic influences stirred in for perfection”, featuring members of Djam Karet, The Muffins, Herd of Instinct, Fearful Symmetry, Head Joint, and Gayle Ellett & the Electromags.


A full bio of the band, track credits, reviews, images, and sound clips, can be found on their website. See T.A.P Links following.

T.A.P Links




Melodic Revolution Records Links







MRR band profile: 

Contact email:

Facebook page:

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July 2023: T.A.P release a single, 'The Progbient'. 


YouTube video:

Press Release 1 - June 2023 

New instrumental music project, T.A.P, is delighted to announce signing up with Melodic Revolution Records!

T.A.P was ready to release their first album ‘Paradigms’, but were keen to ensure that the music got the best possible coverage through an agency that understands the target audience, and can provide the right channels to help with promotion and sales. It also helps if they like the music too!

Nick Katona of MRR’s first reaction was that the album is a ‘damn fine body of work’. That’s praise indeed, and followed it up by signing T.A.P.

Other reviews by contemporary musicians and music show hosts have supported that view, and now we are looking forward to publishing the release date, to be announced soon.

The album comprises 8 tracks and will be available in download,

CD formats, and on-line streaming.

The style is an instrumental fusion of progressive music and

ambient sounds with jazz, blues, psychedelic, and ethnic

influences stirred in.


T.A.P is a handful of experienced musicians from diverse - and

geographically dispersed (Canada, USA, UK) - backgrounds.

The initial tracks were developed by Mike Jobborn (Head Joint) and Mark Cook (Herd Of Instinct), and were later augmented by Suzi James (Fearful Symmetry), Gayle Ellett (Djam Karet), Paul Sears (The Muffins) and Bill Bachman (Herd Of Instinct) - all of whom are seasoned musicians who have collaborated with many more projects and musicians.

An overwhelming amount of background detail can be found on the band website, along with a teaser video, credits, images and sound clips:

MRR band profile:

Contact email:

Facebook page:

T.A.P 'Paradigms' album teaser

T.A.P 'Paradigms' album teaser

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